1. This is the first new video I've watched of yours since YouTube killed all the weedtubers, was so sad to not see new vids by you guys, good to know you're back!! Missed the positive vibes

  2. Volcom tee! You ever hear the story how Volcom got it’s name?? The Stratton brothers started a company called Stoned wear, they had a surfer on the team named Malcom, the bros and Malcom were chilling while doing bong rips, Stratton bros said they wanted to include Malcom apart of the name. So they went changing his name around, M flipped over to W, Walcom, sounded whack, so they changed the A to O, Wolcom, close to something different, the cut the W in half to V. Volcom. All done because of bong rips. They kept the Stone part and made Volcom Stone. Credler was an artist and designed its logo. I haven’t found this story online to source it, but I heard about it at surf expo, a trade show for skate and surf companies. Cheers.

  3. The neutralizer compact kit is build to neutralise the smell of grow spaces and smoke. And it works wonders. Here in europe they cost €60 including the cartridge and €25 for refills

  4. JOSH!!!! I’m so glad to see your channel again I was disappointed to see your original channel was banned and I was missing your content as you are my favorite weedtuber! Peace from Wisconsin ✌🏼

  5. Is it normal to not feel the urge to cough when dabbing? I find it weird because I have asthma so idk if i should be concerned or not.
    I usually do low temp dabs but I've taken high temp dabs before too and i almost never feel the urge to cough anymore, and if I do it's just a little cough

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