1. Nah, juul or e-cigs really helped me quit smoking cigarettes. Im at the point where smelling cigarette smoke gives me a headache. And if used "moderately" (i go through a pod in 3-4 days) i don't see how its just as bad as a cigarette which has over hundreds of chemical infused.

  2. Everyone listen up at 5:05 it’s not a cigarette or a vape it’s a diffuser. At the start of the vid she had essential oils on. Stop saying it’s a cig it’s obviously not. You can hear it as well

  3. I quit smoking cigs February of this year with the help of juul and Chantix when I quit the chantix helped keep me from going through the withdrawal symptoms but it was still psychological because I was used to putting a cigarette to my lips when I felt anxious im glad the juul exists because I probably would still be puffing on cigarettes I switch from the juul to the novo from SMOK because filling up your pods is a lot cheaper than buying new pods and I’m very satisfied and don’t plan on quitting my vape anytime soon ??‍♀️ it’s also helped my mom too who’s been a smoker for almost 30 years she’s been cigarette free for about 5 months now

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