1. Bro I was following you since you started this, today , 2 years ago I stoped smoking, it's a very good feeling, it's not forever but I got another plans in my life and I don't have time to smoke weed in this moment,anyway wish me luck, good that you have more subs now.

  2. Hello again ! I know this. Actually when I am sober (the next day already) I say I dont want to consume for an eternity it is bad etc etc. But I dont really know if this is really what I need. I made a pause, got caries, horrible digestion problems whatever, because I wasnt focused in my body anymore…
    Also with this nofap thing, I think this is something that you shouldnt say either I "make nofap" or i fap, its the amount. Testosterone for example rises just one week after nofap but then goes down again. Maybe you could compare this to hornyness but I dont know, its actually healthy and prevents things like prostata cancer so dont be so hard to yourself, love yourself and treat yourself like your own child kind of

  3. Good to hear you still doing great. Can I buy your book soon? I just have a phone so where should i buy it from? Also been on and off with weed its not really my thing anymore unless I'm at home at night watching stuff

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