WeedMD Commences Harvest of its Outdoor-Cultivated Cannabis

Over 20000 cannabis clones planted in June 2019 will be harvested over next few weeks starting in late September into late October 2019.


  1. They are not premature, the varieties are planted so that the early indicas come first then the mixes and finally sativas. They mature in sequence so that they are not harvesting everything at once. It's also their first attempt at growing outdoors so they will learn from this crop and try again next. That's the thing about outdoor, it only happens once a year so it takes longer to hone your skills. I bet the first time you grew outdoors (if you have) that you didn't grow good plants either! Only 3 out of several hundred pot companies were granted outdoor growing licence so I would say they are ahead of the rest of the companies by at least 1 year! Wait till next year when the other companies attempt to get outdoor license and WEEDMD increases the size of their grow and compare it to the few companies that manage to get a licence and the size of their outdoor grow. Experience builds Experts (in any field)!!

  2. that is some of the smallest outdoor plants I have seen, and weedmd sucks, their prices are to high their oils and buds both suck, just hire new people and get more out of what you got not strap people for more money

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