WeedMD Kicks-off Fully Operational Outdoor Cannabis Grow in Canada, June 2019

WeedMD completes planting cannabis on 27 acres of outdoor grow in Strathroy, ON & launches most compelling outdoor operation in Canada.


  1. I heard that some people have been growing out male cannabis plants to collect the pollon and fly it over in a drone…. That wouldn't be good
    Bet weedmd didn't consider someone doing that…

  2. Regular Canadians should be able to grow cannabis in their backyard or on their land and sell as much as they like.

    This is not a free market, it’s one with high barriers to entry and regulations that have prevented anyone without millions of dollars from entering the market.

  3. Curious about once they are in full flower almost triple their size. PM (powdery mildew) or blue mold, fungi or insects. How are you planning to battle that on such a large scale. Will the harvested cannabis pass microbiological testing to be safe for inhaling or consumption after curing or extraction. Just curious, all us outdoor enthusiast run into these problems. Some battle it and some ignore it. Indoor is much easier to control your climate and elements. Outdoor your in mother natures world and she can be a little moody at times.
    Your set up looks amazing and glad your trying it. I prefer my outdoor over my indoor, if grown safely and kept mold free the taste and high will be amazing. Happy growing🤙🏽

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