Week 5 Flowering Mistakes to Avoid Cannabis Grow Outdoor 2019 September

outdoorgrow #cannabis #weed #september Everyone thanks for joining my channel once again we are going to talk about the outdoor cannabis field today.


  1. I am watching tons of videos about outdoor grow cuz I'll try one this spring here in the south tip of BR.
    This video was the best by far.
    Not that the others on YT arent good, but if you know the basics, the basic tips arent what you look for and I want to lear this kind of specifics.
    Very nice!

  2. 6:15 Just from experience growing outdoors that part of the bud you pulled out is not nutrient burn. It's bud rot started from Caterpillars (aka bud worms). They will feast on the inside of the buds and their poop will slowly mold up causing bud rot. Once you get a few buds with brown sugar leaves sticky out of it that is a true sign you have bud worms. If you can't spot the worm crack open a bud and you will more than likely find Caterpillar poop.

  3. I grow with miracle grow, good point man I couldn't put my finger on it. You're a lifesaver, I think I'm good at growing but couldn't find out which nitrogen source was causing it. Cool video man, thank you!!!

  4. Growing Outdoors as a constant battle bro you just have to roll with the punches everybody makes mistakes love and learn brotha u will be ok 😇
    At least you have all those other ones your lady's look nice bro 😀✌

  5. I did one last spray with the safer brand (end all) and neem oil and burnt every bud site on all my plants, there going to pull through but definitely set them back
    Thanks for the videos bud keep up the good work
    Plants are lookin great

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