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Cops searched the hospital room of a man with stage 4 cancer over cannabis — and they didn’t even find any. » Subscribe to NowThis: …


  1. I honestly don’t see a problem. The cops were doing their jobs since marijuana was still illegal at that time. They are enforcers of the law not dictators of it. They also were not specifically looking for if this patient had marijuana. Nothing bad even happened, so what was the main problem that was posed by the cops searching for illegal marijuana?

  2. I couldn’t be an officer! Something like this would be an eye roller for me. “Have a nice night sir and get well soon,” is what I would have said once I heard “stage…”

  3. “Officers! Hurry! We have a man dying of cancer using medical marijuana (not smoked, it’s an oil). Hurry and arrest him so he can be put in the electric chair for putting everyone’s life in danger!!”

  4. Let's not gloss over the fact that this was also an unconstitutional search. A personal has a reasonable expectation of privacy in a hospital room, and even more so in his personal belongings. An officer may conduct a frisk for weapons if he has reasonable articulable suspicion that a person is both armed and dangerous (Terry v. Ohio), however, a search of a person's belongings requires a search warrant unless it's pursuant to lawful arrest. These officers exercised poor judgement at best, and a flagrant violation of this patient's 4th amendment rights at worst.
    From a 15 year law enforcement Vet

  5. I'm sorry this happened to this dear man. It makes me so angry when the sick are harassed this way! Shame on those heartless cops. Leave the man alone! Marijuana saved my life. It eased my nausea, so I could keep some food down. Without it, I would have starved to death! I'm still at least 20 pounds under weight but I'm alive! I also use it for chronic pain. I'm glad it's legal for me to use in my state. If I were a healthy person, I wouldn't be using it. In 2012, I almost died of an accidental O.D. of my Rx meds. I was over medicated, & became confused. I couldn't recall when or how many pills I had taken. I was found the next am, unresponsive. After 2 doses of Narcan in the ambulance, the medic, & God, saved my life! I'll take weed over dangerous opiates any day of the week! (I still require some medication but I take very little;just enough to get by.)

  6. If there is any justice to be found in this country, those terrorist 🐷 tyrants will be executed like all terrorists should be executed. And that includes the disgusting little worm who called the 🐷🐷 in the first place. Not a one of them are worth the oxygen it takes to keep them alive.

  7. So when a want to be cop calls the other police department says somebody smelled marijuana you're going to deprive every human right and constitutional right of any individual… based on hearsay with no evidence… the cop with the the black hat needs to be drug test that he looks like he's Stone

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