Why Marijuana Is Becoming Mainstream: Meeting With Cypress Hill | DailyVee 510

I’m very bullish on where the cannabis industry is going. It’s still ridiculously early… But I see a lot of potential in the space given the undeniable health benefits …


  1. @GaryVee Holy shit! Can you please look at this yourself and count the number of times you interrupt them?!

    It's ridiculous! Every single time they get distracted. You fu ked this up royaly, please learn to listen too.. Less caffeine / Adderall might help?

  2. bro I went to college in north Lake Tahoe and shoveled snow for people at $20-25 an hour those were some good ass times looking back having to pry open my car door open at 7am when it’s frozen shut and just hoping I made up to houses on mountaintops via super icy roads… some good ass times in Tahoe.

  3. We demonized people so long for marihuana, they had do endure police brutality, hate, judgement and now we are all smoking legally. Funny how the world keeps running in cycles, people innovate, world calls them crazy and eventually it becomes the norm and we move on to the next thing…

  4. Wow badass video! GaryV is the shiiit!!!!! I look forward to him I have done crazy shit and come out on top just cuz of his listening! Great job!!!! Gary V!!!!! You the man!
    Who thinks Gary V is the Man come on like if you agree!

  5. This is legendary.I love that Gary has a true love for hip and recognizes there grind and hustle while having fun and being happy. Learning from the lows.
    Thanks to the g for helping me realize I'm not lost or stuck I just havnt tasted enough.

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