Why Weed Is Good | Let Lee Explain

Weed has been a controversial topic in America since the Reefer Madness days thanks to fear mongering and propaganda. Lee explains why you shouldn’t …


  1. Really is it because i don't think its good for me my head feel like its getting sliced up from all angles and why is this I've been smoking for almost 2 years but every single time i do it it happens and I'm not sure

  2. Legalize( not decriminalize) ALL DRUGS!! the science is in…legalization decreases EVERY negative stat on the book. SWITZERLAND and PORTUGAL are both shining examples. The war on drugs is so corrupt, it's not a criminal justice issue, it's a public health issue

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  4. You wouldn't believe the stigma cannabis has even in the Netherlands… it's crazy. I know it's not legal here (yet, just decriminalized) but it's bizarre. People still believe it can't be enjoyed like alcohol can… which is just so wrong. I mean I've cut my alcohol consumption down to almost nothing and prefer to use some cannabis to wind down and read a book. I'll eat it or vaporize it to diminish negative health effects and to be fair I usually feel better the day after ingesting some cannabis then I would after consuming some alcohol.

  5. to the pepole: you won't be happy by sitting on your ass all day smokeing weed or takeing drugs, you have got to make a goal for your self and finish it stay grinding, and stay away from cocaine!! bless up
    (exercise daily and meditate is a good start)

    weed brainwashes you by saying
    you: im not a addicted to weed i enojy it
    friend: okey the stop for a week to proof for your self your not addicted
    you: no need i enojy it.
    the end
    weed get´s in your life

    i mean its okey to smoke weed like 1 or 2 a month but dont let that shit overcome you, when your high you will get this im talking to you my friend

  6. I love I quit recently because it's not legal in my state but that's beside the point. With all the good it does. I feel like people are ignoring the people who literally beg for a high. Then demand it till you kick there ass. I've literally had to do that. It's pretty sad.

  7. When you are honest with you are consumption of weed it is good, but i am a person living in land that would put me in jail for smoking, and i smoked too much in my teens and now i am adult and i can not smoke it anymore!!! It is like with everything a little is ok but 5 gramm per day about 5-8years that is not good!!!

  8. We are thinner , we pot smokers because anyone who smokes will tell ya we are always leavin out the front door to get more as we r always running out.Another thing the so called munchies?Contradiction,lie.The overweight should have started smoking it as the weight started to increase cause now its to late for weed will not really help once one has become stagnant.gotta get up and go!see ya!

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