Woops! Did 3 States Accidentally Legalize It? – Weekly Weird News

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  1. Look, when you smoke weed to cure emotional pain and run from it, as well as using it every day to the point where your social and professional life suffers for time, its a problem. If you cant hang out without using it, its a problem.

    Smoke it if you want but stop pretending its like its as normal as going to get a glass of water. This shit can literally take over your life, even if it doesnt cause a lot of damage like heroin or cocaine.

  2. The cops In my dads department Michigan literally just forgot weed existed like 2 years before it was legal recreationally they were just like people are actually getting murdered we don’t care about weed anymore

  3. For the whole storm Area 51, if you are dumb enough to really go and try to do that then let Darwinism take effekt and we'll have a few less not thinking people in this world

  4. Canada has tests . It either says your high or your not. No level of indication of toxication. I got pulled over on a set up ride. And was asked if i was drinking or if marijuana was in the car. I lied but lol what does me having it have to do with if id consumed it. Boo governments everywhere 😂

  5. I’ve gotten pulled out of my car because of the smell test, but all we had smoked were cigarettes. Normal, everyday cigarettes. It did, for some reason, smell like weed, but it shows how unreliable the smell test is.

  6. weed … herb … once passed a drug test at an airport when stoned …. lol … airport …. they had to make me pee in a cup then send it to some lab … hour in jail …. drug test came back clean and I was allowed to leave 🙂 …. it really is quite undetectable hahaha

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