Yes, Cannabis is Federally Illegal, and Things are Rapidly Changing! | Kelly Ogilvie | TEDxUofW

Kelly Ogilvie expounds upon the medical applications of a non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant. He further investigates the unique grassroots …


  1. It is Lawful! Man wants profit so makes it legal!! Grow it in the garden
    So we do not have a right to use grass or a weed that was provided by nature??This seed shall not feed! It is Sinful and Amoral? My my sit back and sigh)=. This worlds elite have taken a seat. !! You are my boss! So all is lost. I will go to jail needing some bail. For taken a toke you are the joke!! See the word is That most Herbs are good for your health!! Research and study nature itself!! Even doctors are making it clear. No fear the herb is from nature God given and right. Now jailing my brothers for taken a toke! Will jack up their families and all kinds of folk!! Your stock in prisons is about to go down cause we have decided you are the clown!! You will eat a pill yet yell at me still. Judging all God and nature have given to thee
    Millions of families have been destroyed! Damaged and lost! For your view and judgement are not worth the cost!!! Look at this war on drugs!! Just creating thugs!! You send them to prison and off to the jail! While marry a daughter will surely not hail. From a private school her dad is in jail!! Thank you!! 
    Do research please on distant past!! You think Big Pharma is fine and well ???? Tell me my friend your Stock you should Sell!!

  2. The easiest way to get off opioids and treat your pain is RSO. I was prescribed morphine after surgery. After one day I threw it out and used RSO. RSO works 10 times better and allows you to sleep through searing pain. Zero withdrawl symptoms. No risk of death.

  3. Sucks for me. I suffer from anxiety panic attacks and insomnia not very often but ever now and then. The sucky part is that I'm a permanent resident (green card) and because of that I couldn't get a medical card because even though that in my state, medical Marijuana is legal I could face deportation if I get cougt using it. For now I've found great comfort and relief with cbd and I'm on love with it. But can't get my hands on a medicinal plant.

  4. I have adhd and I can’t get my prescription if there’s cannabis in my urine. I need my prescription but I enjoy a joint on the weekends when I don’t take my medicine. It’s very frustrating for me. Legalize. 😭

  5. It’s not such a simple story. This speaker is either unaware of or ignores the serious problems with chronic recreational use. Marijuana is extremely psychologically addictive. I’m not talking about “reefer madness“. I’m talking about witnessing, and myself experiencing, how chronic use is emotionally stunting and harmful. Anybody who denies this is either not being honest, or does not know any habitual users.

  6. This guy is a clown who is busy making jokes while painting cannabis as a magic bullet- which it is not. While it certainly has legitimate therapeutic applications and further research will undoubtably uncover more, it is not a panacea for all that ails you and portraying it as such only serves to detract from it's proven uses. Perhaps no false claim is more egregious than holding it out as a substitute for opioids for chronic pain patients at a time when the medical system has declared war on them.

  7. People: What should be illegal? Cigarettes, alcohol or marijuana?

    Government: Tell us something about those three.

    People: Marijuana can be grown at home, while cigs and alcohol are made in a specific way.

    Government: Wait… That means people can buy the marijuana plant once and never pay again, but they have to pay for alcohol and cigs every time?

    People: Yes.

    Government: More money!– I mean… Marijuana is deadly! It needs to be illegal.

  8. It shouldn’t be legalized, but decriminalized. The difference is decriminalization would prevent big business from turning it into an industry. It should be left in the hands of the people and not industrialized!

  9. All he talks about is how great it is. He doesn't talk about how they are industrializing it. It's being turned into an industry. A handful of companies are going to make billions of dollars off of it. He talks about how it's been used for thousands of years as a medicine. What you get now is nothing like or even close to what they used. It has been changed to increase its potency. What was once a medicine will now be turned into a poison. As long as money can be made you are not important. Only money Above All.

  10. No talk of big pharma having the greatest influence over this being illegal and the lack of research on medical benefits and control over federal government policies laws are still way way too harsh

  11. Cannabis is already legal in Canada. We are behind some other countries in legalization, especially when considering the entrenched and corrupt nature of the pharmaceutical lobby in Congress.

  12. You forgot William Randolph Hearst's involvement in getting rid of hemp so that his vast timber holdings could be used for paper etc., instead of hemp. The Hearst media empire produced much of the anti-cannabis propaganda during this period.

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