1. This is really just a trimmer, not an edger. Ryobi makes edger attachments for their powerheads, but the way the blade is enclosed makes it difficult to edge in my opinion (the blade is not open but enclosed in a cover that makes it difficult to push through tough grass).

  2. Just bought one last week. And a hedge trimmer. Batteries aren’t interchangeable and only got about 15 minutes of weed eating done. I have a VERY small front yard, got about 3 minutes in the back.
    Long story short.
    It lasted maybe 20 minutes.
    Thinking about taking it back because I have a huge backyard. I’d have to buy at least 2 more batteries to get my yard done.
    Not happy.
    Even bought a pole saw…. probably won’t get anything cut worth while.

  3. If you would use the spool like it is suppose to it would f only took 1 or 2 spools to do the back yard. When you vote do you only vote half way through too the other half is free ?

  4. A word of advice. Depending if your left handed or right make sure you wear one of those foam ear plugs in your ear as this is one loud pitched motor. As an audiophile I like to preserve my hearing and after just five minutes of using this the motor that's next to the battery has a very rough whine to it.
    The guard is also useless as it's too small to prevent rocks and other debris from flying.
    first time using it I can't tell you how many bits of dirt and teeny pebbles in my face and glasses.
    Wear protective goggles
    Other than that I love it.

    I forgot that make sure you keep the receipt on the purchase of the battery charger and the extra battery that you buy for three years. Without that Ryobi One warranty it.

  5. Can you tell me about the battery? I live in a temperate zone so the trimmer will sit unused for over six months at a time. Will I have to store the battery in some special way? Should I keep charging it periodicaly even when not using it?

  6. Really dude?! That’s the solution you came up with? Take those ridiculous looking bags off and just wear old shoes when you cut grass like everyone else man. Btw, I own this trimmer and love it too.

  7. I have this trimmer. It is powerful (for a battery trimmer) but still not as powerful as a gas trimmer. My battery lasted 2 seasons, and its $100 for a new one. I never spent anywhere near $50/yr on gas for my old trimmer. Short battery life is a known issue for Ryobi.

  8. I'm on my third warranty call this coming Monday. Others on YT have had similar troubles. This time it's the power head that has failed. We'll see if Ryobi makes it good. Will report.

  9. Can I switch out the head on this one? I'm in the market to replace my weed eater and I want to go electric/battery but I want to be able to put a different head on it because I just don't like factory heads. Is that possible on this model?

  10. theyre bullshit. battery only lasts about 15 minutes. cant finish any sizeable yard without recharging and about an hour delay. plus the strength of the weedeater diminishes with the waring of the battery.

  11. can you post a short video on how you use the string trimmer for edging? i'm saving for a trimmer and this is the only concern i have about the ryobi, there are not any videos online of anyone edging with the string trimmer…

  12. Sorry folks, but Ryobi is having some major battery issues. I recommend holding off until they fix them.
    I have always loved ryobi power tools, however the battery issues can be found on google and I have experienced this as did a friend who just bought one and out of the box it didn't work.
    Not sure of the model numbers bought at home depot, but as I said. Check google.

  13. Great video! I'm always overwhelmed with the choices at my local stores. You literally answered every question I had in this video. I went with a 40watt and I am very happy I did.

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