1. Ok I like you guys, but this video is a homogeneous mix of Fear mongering and misrepresentation. It does not distort reality. In fact, many become over aware of reality, IE paranoia. About marijuana breeding crime, that's true for anything illegal. Alcohol bred crime when it was illegal, but the Church were one of the few voices during prohibition to support it's legalization. I like what you do for pro life, but as a brother in Christ and the Church please trust me when I tell you that yall are over traditionalist.

  2. As a Buddhist I don't believe in MJ use because it's counter productive towards enlightenment and causes confusion or wrong thought. But this video is complete garbage. A person should figure out for themself why MJ isn't the way. Your demonology of MJ isn't the way.
    Also, homelessness is caused by capitalism, not MJ. You guys are completely insane.

  3. Love this channel and the work y'all do for the pro-life movement… BUT I use medical marijuana to avoid taking addictive pain medications.. So I am going to have to respectfully disagree with the "facts" in this video.

  4. You lost me with "god", instead of given this information to make you feel better because you think you are helping someone and therefore being liked by god, you should give a real reason.
    It's so lame how you think God is gonna be proud of you because you're following is commandment, when the reality is, there's no God. And probably you guys won't agree with me, because you've been endoctrined since you were kids, and "god" is the only one who has "the answers".
    How can you be so sure that this is what "god" would like? Because is written down in some book? And don't get me wrong, the bible is a god book, in some aspects, but you have to acknowledge that the reason the bible has been accurate is beacusethe society backthen, used to have similar issues as we have today. Also, besides the good things the bible has, it's known that it contains contradictions that even you cannot interpret.

  5. Very split on this issue. Weed helped my Grandad with his back issues. But he also was recently diagnosed with bipolar. Ive also seen a mum develop psychosis and had to be sent to a mental hospital and it teared the family.

  6. Im think weed should be legalized just like beer, have the same consequences if caught driving high.
    Smoke at home my friends. I will say I had it as a teenager. It was awesome like I inhaled laughing gas of sorts. I only smoke it every other couple of months. I can go without it.
    It's impossible to overdose on weed. If anything you will feel like you are on an ocean and the concept of time is lost lol

  7. “Take the following fine spices: 500 shekels of liquid myrrh, half as much of fragrant cinnamon, 250 shekels of q’aneh-bosm, 500 shekels of cassia– all according to the sanctuary shekel– and a hind of olive oil. Make these into a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend, the work of a perfumer. It will be the sacred anointing oil.”

  8. i've got no problem with mary jane being real. WHAT I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH is the fact that people have a hard time doing things in MODERATION. Most of the people i know who smoke weed seem to not be able to be without WEED for more than 34 hours at a time, they gotta DAB, VAPE it, BONG RIP IT, or EAT IT.. I can go MANY MONTHS without a sip of alcohol, or inhalation of weed without any issue at all. I still need to provide for my community by being a good member of society and going to work and such. PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN ACCOUNTABILITY AND SELF CONTROL. AND CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE DRINKING ALCOHOL OR SMOKING WEED EVER.

    btw i'm not religious in any sense of the word.

  9. What about the good qualities of marijuana such as treatment for epilepsy and nausea. Not to mention every single problem listed here can be the same for alcohol. I am not for abusing marijuana but it does have it’s use after a long day of work, and it doesn’t impair my life.

  10. Religion is also a form of intoxication! How many people are dying every day for stupid religions?
    Much more then form drugs! Let's ban all religions for less death people! Think about it! Religion certanly fuels crime!

  11. Ignorance is the fuel for the willingly ignorant. The spice and The honey are separate. They should never be combined. The spice should not be taken internally; especially within the lungs. The honey is the only useful part. Greed is main motivator for a supposed legalization of the plant called Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa. Without good knowledge, what good are The eyes and The ears??

  12. Lots of your information is false, it sounds like orwellian 1984 American state propaganda. Do you think it's ok to forbid a plant created by God? God created marihuana, for what purpose?
    You should tell the story about the DUPONT Chemical Industry?? The big elite lobby that used corrupt politicians to implement laws to eliminate the use of natural products. Eliminate the competitor and sell more plastics for the DUPONT chemical plastic industry. The Cannabis laws are a product of the elite corps to gain more money in their pockets, nothing more nothing less.
    That's the real interesting drugs story behind it and not a few smokers.
    The biggest drug dealers are the governments, that's why they are in afghanistan to control your heroine production.

  13. As a former marijuana user, I urge ANYONE who either is or is not a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ and is struggling with drug and/or alcohol use, pray in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit for the intercession of Our Lady, the Most Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, Mary. Again, In the name of the Most Blessed and Holy Trinity, ask her to help you out!!! I had eventually been led to believe in Jesus, read my bible, but couldnt let go of my previous Rock n Roll lifestyle and so continued to reason myself around my drug and alcohol use until I began to understand the Truth of the Catholic Church. as soon as I began to familiar myself with the Cathechism and pray for intercession from the Queen of Heaven, my heart became SO convicted that I literally threw all my marijuana and related-objects in the garbage!!!! My heart and soul and mind has been totally transformed and the only reason I can even witness this to you is because JESUS IS LORD. Don't ever give up and always ALWAYS find a way to deepen your faith in God. He delivered me from my vices, changed my heart and He can do the same for you too! His Saints WILL pray for you if you ask. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, is now and EVER SHALL BE WORLD WITHOUT END AMEN!!!!!!!

  14. First "fact" says that 192 families per day lost someone to a DRUG OVERDOSE. What's the number of people that have overdosed on weed specifically, though? 0. I usually agree with you guys but this is just lazy.

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