15 Days Without Weed + 3 Tips to Help Quit Weed | The Road To 90 Days without Weed | Ep. 1

This is the first video in a series of videos that is going to document my progress in giving up weed for 90 days. Every day I’ve been journaling how I feel and the …


  1. I ended up smoking after 3 days gonna go for it again. Just really wanted to see why I kept smoking and I can honestly say I’m ready for a big break. (Smoking daily since 15 am now 21) been smoking rosin for the best 5 months and I just notice I can’t focus that great compared to when sober I’m very exited wish me luck

  2. Hi guys I have now stopped smoking weed it has been 4 days now what surprises me is I have no I have I have no urges to smoke and my dreams are crazy as fuck I hope I can keep it up let’s see how long I can last the first time in five years I’ve decided to stop smoking weed but the headache and I feel high without smoking maybe it’s all the weed in my blood

  3. Leaving your insta so people can contact you for help!! Mate! You’re such a good dude. Got on your video as I’m 3 days in and looking for inspiration in people that succeeded. Making ourselves better is actually making the world a better place. 23 yrs on it, between 7-10 gees a day, I’m about to have a bad 3 months. Thanks for the help bro x

  4. I have been smoking weed for 5 years so it’s safe to say am a Chronicle addicted I tried quitting many times but ended up smoking after day or two so after watching your video today I will stop smoking and document myself I also have a YouTube channel I’ll try to upload it there and document my whole progress

  5. Thanks man this is a great video. I have smoked for over 20 years and I’m on day 4 this video has helped me. I have been having the dreams and waking up with sweats and a bit of depression. But after watching your video I know this was normal. Thanks I’m not giving up yet I want to stop so I can move on in my life.

  6. Hey dude nice vid, i just quit smoking on new years day ever since that day i been drinking a gallon of water a day. I dont exercise im 230 pounds 5"11. Im on the husky side. But i seem to notice i lost like 15 pounds cause i stop drinking that 2 liter of soda pop daily. What are your thougts, also forgot to mention i been smoking for almost 20 years. Im 35 years old now, how long will it take me to pass a urine the old natural way since i have a drug test on march 1st. Thanks and great Vid bro.

  7. Quick question bro, when you have vivid dreams due to the fact that you're not smoking, are they happy or random dreams? or are they more on the nightmare-ish side? ( because it gets quite annoying and nerve-wracking waking up horrified during the detox period)
    The reason I'm asking is to figure out whether my subconscious is messed up due the thoughts I have or the things I watch maybe or if it's just the nature of the vivid dreams to be on the horrific side.

  8. 3 months strong , I recently discovered CBD from hemp boms its really great it relaxes me and helps me sleep better I recommend for anyone having a difficult time trying to quit.

  9. Respect, been smoking for 9 years, smoked for the first time in 6th graden age 12, been smoking every single day since 8th grade, im now 21, i do a medical card but i have wanted to quit smoking for over a year now for multiple reasons, i feel your videos, my 22nd birthdays in a month and you sir just gave me that push, thank you

  10. So crazy! I hadn't smoked for the first time yesterday in months on end. But I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a while. Instead of being groggy and recovering from the day prior, I felt just happy almost ?. I'm selling my bong/pipe and sticking with it.

  11. Im a couple days sober because recently i been having bad highs. I been smoking for 3 years now but recently every high i have is a bad one so im on the road to stop! Thanks for the motivation

  12. This is like my 4th time quitting and 2 weeks in feeling alright. The first few days it takes a little getting used to but hanging out with friends who dont smoke helps out so much until you gain the willpower to be around those who do smoke. Keep up the content you gained a sub today 🙂

  13. We're pretty similar in that weed makes me quiet and gives me social anxiety and also holds me back from doing other things and being as productive as I can. I love it but a little too much. I've quit loads of times in the past but always went back to it; I'm currently only on day 4 and the lack of sleep is definitely the hardest part but I'm staying strong and your videos are helping with my motivation. Cheers bro and look forward to seeing any future videos like these.

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