1. Aww I found you a week too late for contest. Gorgeous plants you've got. I'm subscribed for any future contests now too πŸ˜€ I love new genetics, growing the example of what a grower somewhere said "this is the perfect hybrid" or something lol

  2. Great video!! I luv the content!!! I look forward to seeing more of ur videos! Thank you for everythang u do. I don’t know much about outdoor or greenhouse growing. I’m more of a indoor dwc guy. But I currently can’t grow right now , due to my state and where I luv. I used to grow n not care about the laws, but that’s what got me n trouble lol so now I’m jus waiting n praying that we will become a legal state!! I have a bunch of different seeds I have been saving for that day! But I’d love to get ahold of that velvet sunset!!! I’m going to go with #60!!! Thank you again for everythang you do!! Growers love and have a good day Growmie!!!!

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