2019 HoneyStick Product Lineup – Vape Concealers, 510 Oil Vape Tanks, Dab Adapters, Oil Recovery Kit

Dan Hoff, and James make this special video to show off the new line up of amazing vape products brought to you by the HoneyStick team. The team has been …


  1. I have a question. I use a vape to smoke weed carts, I smoke between 5-8w. I've seen data showing using a pen stronger than around 2.8-3.6w is bad and burns away thc. Is this true?

  2. Hey Dan Dino here…
    I don't know about no ohms & all that but I know I'm feeling a few of these toys….
    I really, really, need that 500mg CBD oil in the vape & that recovery kit….???‍♀️?

  3. Anyone interested in a review on the phantom with the performer tank I can personally tell you it is legit the best combo I have ever tried. The tank is extremely easy to fill with its unique design and just rips and the phantom honestly cant be beat with performance and taste for 510 tanks!

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