A Morning Discussion On The Many Benefits Of Cannabis (Not Calamus)

October 17th, 2019 A morning discussion on the role of Cannabis (Marijuana) in the prevention of Alzheimers and treatment of cancer. The role of Manna, the …


  1. Wonderful video. Cannabis is quite possibly the greatest plant in the world. It's benefits are endless. It kills cancer cells, boost immunity to disease, is a far more effective, not to mention safer, painkiller than oxycontin. It not only takes away pain caused by arthritis, but it can also help heal joints. It improves eyesight. It stabilizes insulin levels in diabetics. In short, it would replace most pharmaceutical drugs, which would be great for people, it would bankrupt drug companies.

  2. Hey Nicole! I read that pot does kill brain cells but the unhealthy ones only.
    There’s still a portion of the population that still buys into all the old fallacies of marijuana. But they’re dying off ?. Oh yeah.
    So good to see you!

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