1. I have 0% interest in "getting high" but this should be legal for medical and mental health reasons. Our society suffers greatly from terrible drug and opioid addictions and cannabis can serve people with a safe peace and tranquility. Doctors and scientists have a right to study cannabis and its effects, and work towards methods of treating people. Mental health professionals have a right to consider this. The religious have a right to consider its spiritual contributions, including using it as a holy anointment oil. It's time to end for-profit prisons and make the society of Alabama great again.

  2. I see a couple of farm hands planting. According to the title one of them is named Alabama. Which one of these men is named Alabama and why would his parents name him Alabama.

  3. There’s a difference between Marijuana and Hemp. Hemp isn’t meant to be smoked, it’s used for CBD oil (non psychedelic) and for the fibers for clothes and paper. Marijuana is the sticky stuff that gets you high

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