Aurora Cannabis Canopy Growth Corp Continue to CRASH

Aurora Cannabis Canopy Growth Corp Continue to CRASH – RICH TV LIVE – OCTOBER 1, 2019 – THESE CANNABIS STOCKS CONTINUE TO FALL BUT WHY …


  1. Jim Cramer just made an interesting comment. Canopy can now be purchased at a share price approx. equal to where the price was before the deal with Constellation Brands.
    Another one is Auxly, which can be purchased at the pre- imperial brands price.

  2. Small bounce this month, another pull back until Jan-March IF there isn’t a recession. It seems that cannabis stocks are taking a blow from recession fears. I’m sitting half cash and waiting. It seems a lot of investors are doing the same

  3. Honestly Rich I've just kind of become numb to this selling pressure. It doesn't really bother me anymore because I've done my homework on ACB, ALEAF, and OGi. They are the best imo and 2 out of 3 are already profitable.

    At the end of the day folks we all chose to go on the cannabis rollercoaster, you can't just enjoy the ride up but experience the whole ride. What goes down always goes back up. 📈

  4. With a 4.5 Billion Market Cap it won't be that easy for Aurora to correct this much of a Crash. If it falls to $3.00 there in Huge Trouble. They have a 298 million dollar net loss Canadian. There in trouble ! Not a Good Buy ! People can do better like Hexo or Flower. I could be wrong thats my take ! The US will pump everything back up on Federal News and the Canadian government will get regulations of Vaps under Control. All will be Good.

  5. – 15 of the products were purchased on the illegal black market.
    – 13 of these cartridges contained Vitamin E – which causes lung damage when burned
    – 10 of them tested positive for pesticides – which can be harmful
    All 15 contained a fungus that turns into cyanide when it is burned. “You certainly don’t want to be smoking cyanide. I don’t think anyone would buy a cartridge that was labeled hydrogen cyanide on it,” explained the vice president of operations at CannaSafe. Increasing the accessibility to legal cannabis is required to fix the current vaping health crisis. Legal producers and retailers are held to a higher standard than the illegal operators. They are regulated by the state and are required to test products for harmful materials. So no need to worry about on this Vaping deadly viral thing. lol

  6. So things are starting to get a bit ridiculous. People must think the entire industry is going bankrupt because everything in the sector is selling off without discrimination. It doesnt help that the media keeps pumping out negative headlines.
    A quick back of the envelope analysis on 48 north tells an interesting story with financials just out.
    Market cap $105,900,000
    $91.9 million,
    liabilities $5.2 ml,
    price: book 1.7x
    $52.7 ml cash. (Lots)
    The company is about to harvest 200,000 plants.
    If those plants are worth just $100 each, thats (let me see, 200,000x$100=20,000,000) Something tells me those plants are worth more but Ill let the experts figure it out.
    They have a US strategy with the acquisition of Quill, supply agreements with three provinces and plan to use a large portion of the harvest for extracts and derivative.
    The stock just hit a 52 week low of 45 cents.
    Does this sound like a company that is going bankrupt?

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