Bhang Ki Chutney भांग की चटनी के फ़ायदे Benefits of Hemp Seeds Cannabis | Kunal Kapur Uttarakhand

Bhang or Hemp Or Cannabis or marijuana plant grows wild like a weed. The seeds of the plant called Bhang ke Beej or Hemp seeds are very nutritious and …


  1. भाई कच्चे भाग की चटनी मत खाना बहुत नशा होता है । सुखे के चटनी नीबू के साथ बहुत मस्त होता हैं

  2. was waiting for some known people to make a video on bhang ki chutney, I will recommend it to eat with dal rice, goes best with it. And if youare in hilly areas this time ask some hotel to serve yo "gehet ki daal and rice and bang ki chutney".

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