1. Looking on Google Scholar I did not find the published papers Dr. Hill mentions in the above video. 

    However, my primary search is not to "dis" anyone, but rather is for data on milligrams THC/CBD per kilogram body weight dosage…ratio spreads of THC to CBD for test patients (in vivo). With more and more of us starting to "self-medicate" with cannabinoids for our various cancers (mine being prostate), what are the amounts of cannabinoids we need to be taking…daily?…X-times daily? It's my understanding best case shows it's going to take about 6 months to remove this beast from my temple, OK…I just nedd to know what doses to take, and I bet there's more than one or two others who whould like to know this as well. 

    Glad to know cannabis cured you Dr. Hill!!! It can be the real healing medicine that finally replaces all those dangerous symptomatic-relief-only concoctions we have had to endure these past 80+ years. Let's all continue working toward this goal.


  2. I would like to thank you Dennis from the bottom of my heart for telling your story and providing me with the knowledge and method to treat my stage 2 prostate cancer. I did the full 9 month treatment using your protocol and then had an MRI. My prostate had returned completely back to normal! It was painless and easy to do without any psychoactive effects.
    Words cannot express my gratitude to you. You’re work and videos are truly a gift to humanity! Bless you Dennis Hill. –Ken from California.

  3. C.S.L I owe you a big thanks man..some time ago you gave me the instruction for taking cannabis oil, around 5 months later my friend is has been cleared of cancer, and my blood count has normalised, the doctor tells me it's not possible for that to happen…thanks heaps man you did me a real solid

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