Breast cancer and cannabis oil or paste. My results!

My personal journey with breast cancer and using medicinal cannabis and conventional cancer treatments to heal. A brief overview of my journey and findings.


  1. We share the the same cancer i was just diagnosed 10-21-19. Im in the us and im wanting to do. Cannabis medicinal. Im scared to do chemo because of the harm. What are you using and how much? Kundulini spirits strikes my interest as I recently had been learning alot about spiritual warfare and I pray often. Also my father is full mother English. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Debbie, I am delighted to hear your tumor responded to cannabis. I am treating my recurrent ovarian cancer with cannabis. Last year, during remission and on no other treatment, my tumor shrank 50% in 5 weeks on high dose cannabis oil. Keep fighting and telling your story. Eventually, the government will listen. Cannabis kills cancer cells! End prohibition so science can prove it.

  3. So brave and inspirational! This is great what you are doing for yourself and others out there. Hopefully you will be able to help many people look at the option of combining less conventional treatments with approved treatments and also help make changes for the future to what we have accessible in the UK. Xxx

  4. You are a very brave and strong woman Debbie, Your positive attitude is admirable. This is a great informative video and I’m sure it will help others going through the same thing. I’m looking forward to seeing you once you have beaten this horrible disease. Xxx

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