Can Marijuana Kill Cancer? Dr. Mark Hashim and Nick Garulay discuss – My Florida Green

Dr. Mark Hashim and Nick Garulay of My Florida Green discuss Medical Marijuana as a treatment for fighting and preventing Cancer. If you’re not yet familiar, …


  1. I was qualified, now that the Hurricane is about to hit up there should likely delay the approval from mmuregistry I ended up uploading a dang passport photo with behind a green screen so now I'm gonna need to wait for them to reject that photo and then reupload a new one with just a white background and wait for them to approve that photo. Walgreen's did a great job ruining a passport photo I paid for waste of $17 I really don't wanna go back up there and argue with them about it. Paid the $77.75 fee to the state since I paid online at the mmuregistry.
    Hopefully Medical Marijuana will help me live a better life without the Anxiety, and Social Anxiety, and my dang sleep problem my brain just will not shut down long enough for me to fall a sleep I'm always thinking about a bunch of stuff, I normally have to stay up all night and then end up falling a sleep around noon. Would be nice to be able to fall a sleep when I want to sleep.
    I had a bad experience with the street Marijuana really messed me up in the head…

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