1. Well you seem like a kind and generous person when all is well for you. I'm wondering if you would be a blood thirsty killer if your life was the complete opposite? Just kidding but it can happen to anybody. There's nothing wrong with getting out into nature. It's a good place to be and it can be tranquil. I did some yoga meditations one time and I did not have a good experience. It was actually a very dark experience for me. Lets hope the bulls kick some ass tomorrow. I'll be honest I personally don't like going bull when things are good. It seems to always go wrong for me. You've heard the old saying buy low sell high. Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dan I had a question for you if you have a sec. recently my strategy has been buying higher lows on a daily chart really close to support, usually with the 1h 4h or daily showing bullish divergence on the rsi. I’m buying before a trend changes to keep my risk small. It’s been working well for me but I was wondering, given your experience, has that ever been a strategy you’ve used? Or have you found it doesn’t work over the long term? Hope that was coherent, thanks for the content as always

  3. your way beyond on point with sticking with one or 2 names to trade, on up trends i stick with moving averages 50 and 200 when its below i buy when its above i sell, works great for me

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