Cannabis Cultivation: The Grower & Plant Relationship: Swami Chaitanya / Green Flower

Your grow knows: Why intention and consciousness matter. Speak to any dedicated, experienced cannabis grower and they’ll tell you of the special bond that …


  1. Whenever I tell people about this they just look at me like what are you talking about. You are the first person in my 30+ years of growing to talk about this!! Much respect, namaste /|

  2. If you walk up to your plant, and just barely touch the bottoms of the tips of the leaves with the pads on your fingertips, almost not touching, it feels very cool, tingly, makes me feel connected to the plant.

  3. I can understand some of what he saying but you cannot physically communicate with a plant by talking or singing to it. Science has shown though that plants may respond to the natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz that the Earth resonates at, the so-called β€œSchumann resonance,” (Earths heartbeat)

  4. This is so true sit down with your girls and when your happy they take that vibe off you.I always thought this and thought I was being daft but no it’s true 😁

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