Cannabis News – A Historic Marijuana Vote in Congress | Ep. 423 | 06-20-2019

Joe Klare discusses home growing, adult use legalization failure in New York and a historic victory in the federal House of Representatives. 6-20-19 – Ep. 423 …


  1. It's really sad to see this ? I'm 16 here growing legally for me and my mom er both have Med cards it helps a lot especially for her ovarian cancer and it's a fun learning experience with my auto flower grows using super soil. I got a career I wanna do in the future now! It will pass some day!

  2. Grateful for addressing the issue of Legalization of Cannabis going hand in hand with Home Cultivation in NY (& any other state). The challenges of having 4 very different Cannabis bills all get a "no vote" is a good thing because home cultivation was missing from three of them. The NY governor has been exposed for his direct support of out of state companies by him not supporting home cultivation in his proposal. Bogus that even a medical cannabis patient is not allowed to grow even one plant and flowers are not apart of the medical program. Sorry, yet NY sucks when it comes to cannabis and Joe is spot on about home cultivation (as well as other connections) should be automatic when adult use is passed in any state.

  3. As for CT, some asshole named Luke (something) ? went out of his way to provide DISinformation and plain old LIES, attacking people ?‍?‍? who DARE to want Cannabis for their health. He's a real scumbaggg

  4. I want to live in a FREE country.. THIS IS NOT, BY FAR, A FREE COUNTRY. NOT EVEN CLOSE. We need to get rid if MONETARY SYSTEM ASAP. Research: VENUS PROJECT and ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT… When we get THERE… THAT'S? when well be FREE!!!! ??✌???

  5. I am so tired of people using "congress" when they should be saying the House of Representatives. Saying "congress" makes it seem like some of this is actually passing when we all know that Mr. Turtle in the senate is going to block most of this legislation from even getting a vote in the Senate.

  6. I wanna live in a free country not in a Corporation, UNITED STATES INC. is a Corporation not a country. the united states of America is a country that's where the people live, UNITED STATES is where it's US CITIZENS, it's PROPERTY, it's ficticious entities that do not exist reside..a dead person can't live anywhere but they can reside there. a US CITIZEN is someone who is not from the state they were born in they are FROM THE STATE OF – WHERE THEY WERE BORN IN ALL CAPS, they are from DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA…CORPORATION. Alaska is no longer a STATE so if you live there you are an Alaskan Citizen and Hawaii is no longer a STATE. BADA BING BADA BOOM, YADA YING YADA YADA YADDA.

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