Cannabis News – A Last-Minute Legalization Deal in New York? | Ep. 421 | 06-17-2019

Joe Klare discusses a new study on opioids and cannabis, China’s problem with legalization and a last-minute push for legalization in New York. 6-17-19 – Ep.


  1. Id like to be on for this article… I became am opiod addict for many years… I have gone thru 12 steps and multi rehabs. The ONLY thing that helped me achieve my full potential was cannabis. Add on my more recent traumatic brain injury and you have a believer!

  2. Omg I hope NY makes the right choice and legalize. All drugs should be legalized, no one should be able to tell me what to put into my body. If I wanna smoke a joint, have a drink, eat some shrooms, snort some coke, take pills, etc. I should be able to!

  3. The reason why China does not like cannabis is China is the propaganda master of mind control and cannabis does not allow you to be mind-controlled so there you go that's why they don't like it f*** China there a communist psychopath slave Nation full of retards that make products to destroy their own land and to toxify the whole world with their piece of crap garbage they just fill up every countries landfill with their junk f*** China they can burn in hell for all I care that's why they're getting plagues cuz they're being judged by God

  4. Fake news again propaganda as always just because cannabis is cutting into the pharmaceutical companies profits and their agenda 2030 of depopulating the planet cannabis is getting in the way of them able to get everybody addicted and poisoned to death by their opioids that isn't garbage article it's just propaganda fake news is the enemy of the people peace out have a great day

  5. Listening to the NY governor in that video, it is clear, he is uninformed. Locality my ass, here is the link to NY's latest cannabis proposal, oh its 109 pgs, sounds like the governor C~ didn't even read it, just in case you do, here is the LINK: …. he doesn't have a clue about locality & local gov't will always create locality rules. NY will NOT get it right, as prohibition will be heavily in place, even with this NEW proposed regulations. Legal NY Cannabis, means more rules, more controls and money for gov't, and still we have a broken non-medical cannabis program that needs significant changes to support patients……gees this governor is the status quo, as his proposal this year in April's budget was exposed to only support big biz and no home cultivation. Sad to be a NYer these days in regards to cannabis.Hurry up and wait!

    As Joe as mention in previous videos, even if NY was to pass this new legislation in 2019, it will be at least 2 years before stores are open….well, not in Maine, they are into year 3 I think?…gratitude for this episode!

  6. Sorry but I don't see an opioid addict taking time out of their day to answer a bunch of lengthy questions. Let alone allow themselves to be locked up to be studied while in the throws of withdrawal. Plus the studies would have been conducted illegally. Thanks for the update. Peace and love

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