Cannabis News – A Marijuana Vote in the House? | Ep. 490 | 09-20-2019

Joe Klare discusses a possible vote in the U.S. House for cannabis banking legislation, what a former FDA Commissioner has to say about marijuana and some …


  1. I was disappointed with Corey Booker saying he will only vote in favor of cannabis related legislation if it contains justice reform. Ridiculous position to take as there will never be an all in one legalization act. Incremental steps are important. Safe banking act fixes a problem ongoing right now. It is time sensitive.

  2. I doubt the use of pot has "skyrocketed" , more likely people are just being less secretive about using it in states that have "legalized" it's use. Also those who want more research will ALWAYS want more research no matter how much research is done, especially if the research does not have the results they want.

  3. The research has been in for decades now in several states that cannabis is safe way to treat many life saving illnesses maybe they don’t want legalization for population control.

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