Cannabis News – Dumb Old Man | Ep. 483 | 09-11-2019

Joe Klare discusses an update on federal cannabis law reform, legalization chances in Minnesota and another “report” on marijuana and opioids. 9-11-19 – Ep.


  1. I can't shun the so called black market, because it is those boys that have been getting our smoke to us for how long? They should have been the first ones able to get a license. That would have eliminated that problem, they already did a good job keeping us supplied. But they go to money men with big names to run it. They caused a division of the thought process, legal or not good bad. The ones already in business should be the ones with the first opportunity. My opinion ? thank you Joseph

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  3. Cannabis has been my Saving Grace it has calmed my Savage soul put it this way I kill the Cannabis trees so I don't kill nobodies keeps me calm got in a lot of trouble with my anger but with cannabis and allows me to slow my thoughts down so I can think about what I'm doing so I don't do anything stupid it helps with pain it helps with my stomach issues which I've had a surgery four and it helps with my mental health I've stayed out of the psych ward longer with using just cannabis than using Pharmaceuticals and that's the truth less side effects then Pharmaceuticals and your body will never grow an resistance to it because there's so many different cannabis strains you just change the strain and it's like you're smoking cannabis that kicks your ass all over again and it will soothe the Savage soul put it this way I've experimented with every drug on the planet just about they are all screw with your life I've been able to hold my s*** together kinds of cannabis it is a medicine nothing more nothing less peace out into the world have a great day Joe

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