Cannabis News – Has New Jersey Legalized Recreational Marijuana Yet? | Ep. 350 | 03-08-2019

Joe Klare discusses the marijuana black market, the continuing saga of adult use legalization in New Jersey and an attempt at legalization in Hawaii. 3-8-19 …


  1. "Less than a third of Ohio medical marijuana patients buying product"

    A. its always been my contention that LEO, local gubment, and teacher unions etc.
    railroaded and voted down issue 3 in support of OHIO's POOR FARMERS who been
    supplementing income and running alot of the domestic black market in those tall barns w/ no windows near where our politicians live. i think they're getting special treatment.

    B. its entrrepenaureal. (did i spell that right?) anyone growing in a closet or basement is supplying 3-10 friends each.
    we not going to win the votes if people dont understand the problem.

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