Cannabis News – How Much Would Be Enough? | Ep. 407 | 05-28-2019

Joe Klare discusses marijuana and the NFL, new cannabis rules in South Africa and just how much research on marijuana would be enough. 5-28-19 – Ep. 407 …


  1. When a politician (that works for the banking system) "needs more research" on cannabis, it simply mean they have done ZERO education on their own and are waiting to be told its ok by the overlords. Needing more research = actually searching, reading and connecting with existing education. Comprehensive reading is all that is required…yes more research is needed, yet not for legalization, yet to show how diverse this plant is and that it is way more then just smoking it. Ever heard of Rick Simpson, research that!!!

  2. There is no upper limit to amount of cannabis I require. It's as ridiculous as having limits on the amount of lettuce you can ingest. It's LITERALLY the same sugesstion!

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