Cannabis News – Mold Recall in Colorado | Ep. 507 | 10-15-2019

Joe Klare discusses a new federal study on legalization, a unique cannabis bust and a big recall in Colorado. 10-15-19 – Ep. 507 | The Marijuana Times …


  1. Here in Ohio right next door to Michigan going full legalization adult use. The wise police have relaxed and understand that cannabis hemp being now legal and under 3 oz possession marijuana is now a misdemeanor ? medicine marijuana now legalized ? one day at a time ???????? APR4U ??

  2. They don't have any real arguements to criminalize all of it. A recall on a moldy brand of pot is not the same as criminalizing all of it. If you don't need it pls do us all a favor and quit smoking it. I bet I go to a dispensary and there will just be certain brands you can't buy.

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