1. All I can say is you got ball s. that's what it that's I am so happy I found you on this show I need ed to know that I was not crazy most people that know what I invest in think I am out of my mind , but I only let very few know what I do to make money , most think I sell drug s ,well I invest in what ever makes money . I hope you keep on keeping on dude .if you don't ride start it helps keep your head right. Ride to LIVE LIVE TO RIDE .BUT IT TAKES MONEY SO DO WHAT DO AND DO IT WELL . IF YOU GET A BIKE WELL TAKE A RIDE I WOULD LOVE TO GO UP TO CANDA , FOR MIN . LATER

  2. I haven't held a position in the cannabis market since beleave but I am seriously considering a few..I could be wrong but I cant see this lasting too much longer.. GLTA

  3. This is how big money continues to gobbles up all the money from guppies. They throw the little dollars they have on a sure thing, hype sends prices soaring, little guppies continue to throw money in, big fish know stock prices are out of whack… Then they sell followed by a short, tank the stocks. Little guppies have no more money to dollar cost average as it drops, so they sell sell sell. Big fish then start buying up all the shares! Thank you for your money!!

  4. We are just warming up for the whole market crash. When the whole market itself crashes we won’t think anything it. I have lost all confidence in these and I don’t see a meaningful recovery in the near future. This has scared of a lot of future investors.

  5. You are going to see more companies not hit their projections because they made their projections with the idea that Ontario would have more than 25 stores open. In the Niagara Region we have 20 cannabis delivery services on weedmaps and 2 legal stores. I talked to some drivers and they are busy. There is no reason we should not have hundreds of stores resulting in millions in revenue. We could be being used in political manipulation to make Trudeau look bad and change libs to Cons. Cannabis is not even on their election platforms because it is such a mess.

  6. I believe this is the last time these companies will hit so low as 2020 forecasts are huge in sales for all of these companies. I believe all these stocks will gain 20 percent on their normal price after the résurrection and keep climbing to new hights. I believe 2020 will be the awakening for investors as most people still don't understand the full potential of Marijuana..

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