1. What a broad span of explanation for all that understand differently! You are a genus sir! AND THANK YOU SO!!!! And you really care!! You have my respect brother!!!

  2. David, Thanks for the very informative lesson on Cannibis. I have just started to "listen". What I mean is just before seeing your channel, I was watching another video on Cannibis and all they talked about was which stock they liked in the U.S. and Canada– no real substance. They did however, talk about several companies that you mentioned. The difference is you delivered more value to your presentation, more descriptions about the companies where they are and where they might be going and where one should be careful and why. After listening to you, I understand things better now. I do DIY projects in body butters, soaps, lotions; and I'm interested in the CBD use and benefits, Thanks for opening up a whole new ideal of things for me, as I continue my learning experience in the way CBD and it benefits can serve a purpuse.

  3. Pot should be non profit tax free no stocks! People have gone to prison, even for life for a single seed. Politicians, their friends and family will all profit from insider information by making it legal. Meanwhile the common people who have had their lives ruined by it beeing illegal will not have the funds to invest. How is this fair to the majority of the American people? No wonder chronic pain patients are being turned away and abruptly cut off from medications that work and pressured to turn to pot. Those who don't either because it doesn't work for them and even from allergies are forced to live in pain or commit suicide. Many of those who were in the opium business now see an opportunity and are jumping on it and will be praised when they don't deserve it. iThe injustices I see right now are shameful and pathetic. All this will come to light.

  4. Good morning David. Great educational video. My name is Faye and I am just starting to look into this. I will email you soon. I need a mentor, a plan etc. I would like you to work with me. Thanks much. Talk to you soon.

  5. Great video thank you David! As a beginner like myself I'm trying to learn as much as possible soon. Big things are about to happen. Oct 17 will be a interesting day.

  6. The big question is what will happen after October 17th ? I am almost sure there will be a gigantic sell off of major proportion? then maybe some small producer will lock in some big contract with the government or other company like in the tabacco and alcool industry. October 17th will be interesting to see what will happen.

  7. This is wonderful and great and seems like alot of money. The only problem, for me, is that when you compare it to the united states "defense" budget of 700 Billion or the amount missing from the pentagon 1 day before Sept 11 2001 (1 trillion plus), what is 10 or 50 billion anyway? Do you think the people dealing with all that money are going to let regular people start making millions and billions and put their stakes at risk? Who made it "illegal" in the first place and why? Think about it.

  8. Thank you David, I was curious: I noticed both Canopy and Aurora are available on TD Ameritrade, I was wondering how stable it is to invest in these Canadian companies through an American broker when the laws differ? Still in the early process of learning these technicalities.

  9. Hi David, I received an email from my broker regarding the Canopy Growth Corporation 2018 Special Meeting taking place on July 30, 2018. CGC wants shareholders to vote by July 25, 2018. What are your thoughts on the possibility of CGC having a stock split? Is this a good idea? I have no experience with stock splits and would like your thoughts?

  10. Thanks for the video. I'm new to trading in general, however I had the same idea in strategy as you explained. Since this video is a couple weeks old now I'd like to ask you your thoughts of a newly released stock, FSD Pharma HUGE/FSDDF?

  11. Great video David, double excellent, very informative. As a canadian especially, as I tend to concentrate more on the Canadian MJ stocks." know when to get in and know when to get out….~!" Sometimes I'm right out of the MJ stocks. There like Jumping Jelly Beans ~! I wonder, if in the future the Girl Guilds will be selling a new kind of flavored cookie …lol P.S. Maple LEAF 🙂 Great picks David ~!

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