1. anyone thinking the Martha Stewart partnership failed is completely off base. It is projected to launch in mid 2020. CBD Brands by Martha for Pets and People! She will bring awareness to the industry. Drake is also a GREAT DEAL. AS Canada will face a glut of product. Creating a new brand with a celebrity will help Canopy move product.

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  3. Hi Rich. The rev was $118 M – $9 Million excise tax= $109 Million. These # is excluding the Returns of SoftGels and Oils. So the $109 M is right in your low end target.

  4. CGC is a ten year stock, or a legacy stock. Just buy it and don't look at it for a decade. Keep in mind Canada only has 32 million people. The United States has over 327 million people. That's why CGC wanted to buy Acreage. They want the political connections and the state licenses. That's it.

  5. The analysts and banks wanted EBITDA positive . Or something close. This is a hot mess. If you are coming into the market congrats. This is a decent entry point. To those who are long . May God help you.

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