Episode 16 of our behind the scenes vlog and we’re talking about the relationship between cannabis and autism! In this episode, Henry heads to Athens to meet …


  1. This was dumb af. Cannibonoids help autism, a neurological disorder, but increasing activity in receptors between the neurons in the brain. Eating organic peanut butter isn’t going to do anything unless you’re eating lead in your non organic peanut butter. Seriously please don’t spread so much garbage about autism this is why so many must stuffer at hands of ignorance

  2. It gives u the boost, as u sayd the balance, but we still need to make healthy decisions, but it really seem to have potential. But yes, one has to want to make changes in their lifestyle. With autism is bit harder to have clarity on decision making, cbd can maybe balance it out. I tried some cbd austria hemp. I read good reviews on your company Endoca. Need to try out. Do you ship from Denmark?

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