CBD Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair Loss & Hair Care – 6 Month Review

In this video, I continue to track my progress using Organic CBD Hemp Oil and discovering the Benefits for my Hair Loss & my Hair Care Routine. I currenly use …


  1. Your own hair improvement is very impressive. So how do you actually apply the oil to your scalp? And how long do you recommend keeping it on the scalp before washing it off? Thanks.

  2. If you want to see even more astounding results add rice water to your regimen. You can see extremely quick results. Do a search here on yt and see others have to say about. I definitely caused my hair to grow again where it had thinned to practically nothing. I am using it on my mom now. I am on here to see if I should add cbd oil to our regimen. Thanks for the vid.

  3. When I was 40 years old I developed a clicking in my right elbow due to the repetitious motions required as a carpenter. I had read about the benefits of taking gelatin for joint problems and decided to give it a try. I put a packet of Knox Gelatin in about three ounces of juice morning and evening. After six or eight weeks I noticed an improvement in the elbow and kept on with the treatment as the cost was negligible and I wanted to insure a lasting result. About six months into the routine I noticed a lot of hair on my arms I didn't have before. Now, every two years I have to take my beard trimmer to my arms or continue looking like a gorilla. It may not work for everyone but for what it costs you'd be foolish not to try it.

  4. So what kind of cbd product are you using? cbd tinctures? Is it the same type of product that other people take drops of orally? I’m not necessarily asking for the brand you are using I just want to know if it’s the same cbd oil that is taken by oral drops

  5. I recently made a video on How to Thicken Hair Naturally for Men & Women – 9 Month Review using Cannabis Oil for Hair Growth, while a bit slow, my hair continues to come in thicker and fuller. If you get proactive and if the hair follicle and root are still alive, Hemp Seed CBD Cannabis Oil can help to STOP hair loss and help your hair grow thicker and fuller, check it out: https://youtu.be/nZ3XzehYLnY

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