1. Schedule 1 drug in the US eh, I dont suppose it has anything to do with major pharacutical companys leaning on politicians to get it banned, I mean, we dont want joe public growing his own pain relief do we.

  2. To everyone saying "what's the point if it doesn't get you high?"

    Not everyone wants to get high. Safely treating pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, epilepsy and insomnia would be a miracle for people who suffer from these conditions.

    Drugs currently on the market have a lot of risks and side effects. Impairment would be perceived as an unpleasant side effect.

    Getting high is often not a priority for someone whose quality of life and ability to function normally has been destroyed by the above mentioned debilitating conditions.

    Being able to reduce the dosages of more harmful drugs by supplementing with something more tolerable as far as side-effects are concerned would be a significant improvement.

    Marijuana is the lessor of the evils compared to other recreational drugs, including the legal ones. Just recognize that getting high is a personal choice that not everyone wants.

    To each his own.

  3. Because the law is a body of text written by and voted upon by people generally considered to be liars and thieves, it's about time we began assessing actions not by what's legal but by what is right. Anyone who thinks a plant should be illegal is what's wrong with society, not the victimless act of using that plant for personal medical or recreational use. I'm a Christian conservative patriot and still I don't know what's best for other people, so if it suits your fancy, light up, relax, and medicate yourself as you and your competent physician see fit.

  4. A lot of CBD's effects are mediated through Peroxisome Proliferate Activated Receptors. Some studies show CBD activates directly PPARy, some indicate it can also activate PPARa (cant remember if that one is directly but more probable through dimerization)

  5. I use CBD every day to help treat chrons disease, its not yet medically recognised in the uk though. All i know is if i dont have it i have a bad day. I havnt felt this good in years. It would be interesting for you guys to do an impartial video on it surrounding the medical use in the uk as it is now being discussed in parliament about potentially being legalised for medical use only. Since last year so much research has happened and its very hard to try and get all the correct information off the web sometimes. Keep up the good work guys n gals.

  6. Love the video, really informative! I do have a question;

    For 10 years I smoked weed. I haven't smoked weed for 60 days. Today I bought Koi CBD Vapor Juice. After a whole tanks worth I was fine but I mixed it with my regular vape juice and my eyes look glossy + red, and I feel kind of stoned. Why is this? I assumed it was because of thc stored in fat cells but I go to the sauna and gym 4 times a week and assumed I had sweat out any remaining active canibanoids. Why would I feel stoned?

    Really curious, thanks.

  7. If you ever know a kid that actually need's medicinal canabbis you would understand how IMPORTANT and LIFE CHANGING is it.

    i have a friend that neded some seeds for its grandson that has a sickness that doesn't let him do anything without sufering gigantics amount of pain, this disease does not kill him but doesn't let him develop in any way, and you can imagine the life of those parents.
    The kid had almost 40 attacks of epilepsia BY DAY, after the plant grows big enough and they gave it the cannabis oil, he end up having 2 or 3 attacks by day, now it can laugth and its learning to talk.

    Drug topic aside (and i also defend it in that regard), medicinal marihuana is a must in our society, there's people that need it, we can't let those people suffer because we have missleading information from a polican campaign from like 50 yeas ago stuck un our heads.
    cannabis has many more uses as well, its better than paper and its seed are the higest protein base food un the world (even tho the taste awfull)

  8. CBD can still get you stoned but unlike THC that can make people paranoid and raise your heart rate CBD doesn't do that but does make you stoned and I grow my own CBD strain called AERITH NOVA which is 0.15 % THC and 22% CBD and it gets me stoned and the high lasts for 2 hours but the calming effects last for 6 to 7 hours and gets my couch locked

  9. That's what I call "take a joint for your joints"… I'm glad people are sharing the benefits of CBD as well as THC. Everyone is different and not everyone responses the same way when it comes to cannabis consumption, whether it's smoked, vaped, in edibles, or tinctures. It's not for everyone, but those who indulge in it should not be ridiculed or shunned, whether it's for medicinal use or recreational use. Let's stop the stereo-typing, and be grateful that God created this plant for human benefit.

  10. I have had chronic pain daily for over 5 years due to two serious accidents. Also other pain problems. I started seeing a doctor after the first accident, get this, I was prescribed 100 Lortab's 10mg and 120 oxycodone 15 mg each month for a couple years. I never took any drug to even mention but didn't take long to become addictive sadly. After researching what the medicine would do and found out taking that much I should have died. This wasn't street dope, a doctor did this. Finally, I am almost off of all pain medicine, I'm just going to hurt before I get involved in prescription pain medicine so I ordered my first bottle of CBD. Pain medicine is being thrown around by doctors and killing many people. If the oil works for me I will respond here.

  11. So, why do so many jobs test for pot? I mean, I know a lot of folks that can do a lot of hard, stressful and physical labor and use it. Why is it even illegal? I mean, wouldn't that eliminate the problem altogether? It's a plant! Sure the THC gets folks a high, but I don't care if others do it but for the vast majority of my life I was lead to believe that pot was the WORST thing a teen could do because somehow we were also taught that it lead to other more hard drugs that people can't seem to shake. From what I've seen, pain meds are more of a demon than pot could EVER be.

    I don't know ANYONE that does pot and HAS to do heroin next ! NOBODY! I just don't GET this craziness! Since learning the positive effects of pot, I really can't understand why the medical society wouldn't embrace it when it uses components of things like COCAINE in codeine (or CO – anything really) for one, I thought they WANTED to make the big bucks!!!!!! Well, here's the bandwagon DUH!

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