CBD Oil for Anxiety: Miracle Cure or Hype?

In this video, author and mental health educator Douglas Bloch shares his experience and research about how CBD is being used to treat anxiety, pain and …


  1. We need to talk more and try and exercise rather than looking for a quick fix, i am bipolar and found walking more helpfull at burning off stress and pain, a good walk can calm me down for 2 days, i walk about 5 times a week for 5 miles and my tight chest has gone and feel stronger and regained some self respect, i have been able to lower my prescription meds without too many issues, if you are like me and did not leave the house much try putting on a cap with some sunglasses and headphones to feel more relaxed about going out, you start to realise that knowone is paying any attention to you. I am not running down anyone's methods to cope with their issues, just trying to say what has helped me more than anything else.

  2. A word of caution is advised since I have been looking at CBD oil to help me overcome my anxiety which has led to very bad depression I am now struggling to overcome. The "quality" of the CBD oil is as only as good as the oil is able to be absorbed in high percentages depending on water solubility. The CBD industry is getting ready to go to $2 billion in sales over the next couple of years and questionable manufacturers of dubious intent are moving in for their share of the loot. Research every source you can for CBD oil and how it is absorbed into the body and the best manufacturers. This isn't a recommendation but I have heard Ojai Energetics in California has one of the best techniques for manufacturing CBD. Please don't waste your money on dubious and questionable manufacturers.

  3. The only thing CBD Oil has done for me is stop my leg muscle cramps due to my high blood pressure meds, which, is nothing to laugh at, but I have not noticed it helping me with any of my depression or anxiety.

  4. I got the 25 mg barleans cbd oil. Iโ€™m trying to get off a short stint with Xanax use and I want to be off completely. I really hope this works but I might need a stronger dose. Iโ€™m a bigger dude.

  5. I didnโ€™t have a big problem with anxiety until doctors told me to stop getting stoned. I hope the oil can help because nobody needs to be high all the time. ๐Ÿ’•

  6. If you can afford it CBD is a miracle drug. I have panic attacks essential tremors PTSD and depression well yesterday for I went shopping with my son got some CBD and took a dose. I wasn't shaking I felt happier less anxiety and less pain cuz I also have a amputation of my left foot well transmetatarsal amputation half of it is gone and I got a giant hole in the bottom of my foot and it hurts like hell and it hurts way less when you take CBD

  7. Many people seem to be helped by CBD, but unfortunately it is expensive. There are some highly respected companies that offer CBD at a discount for people with low incomes. Search on google for CBD assistance programs. I am getting a 40% discount on all products from what most people consider to be a very good company.

  8. I think for cbd to be effective for me I'd need 1 ml at 30ml bottle for 130$. That's a car payment if you need it 3-4 times a day. We become a legal state next year and I'm hoping the pot shops will be competitive in pricing and also that the thc works better in combination and that the small amount of thc with cbd doesn't give me the paranoia that thc does already.

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