CBDfx Vape Kit Not Working? (CBDfx Vape Kit Instructions + Best CBDfx Vape Juice Flavors)

When buying a new CBD product, the excitement usually begins before it’s even arrived. You check the mail, constantly refresh the tracking page and count …


  1. Can you only use the charger provided? You cant plug an android usb to the mod and then connecti that to a dock? the outlet on the mod is android and i understand & the other end isnt usb, but Im wondering if you can just connect the an android cord instead.

  2. Thanks for the vid, I got mine a week ago and now ts not working..! its fully charged, when I press the button to vape, it flashes blue and then the light flashes red 4 times and stops working..! do you know whats wrong?? I can't find any troubleshooting anywhere.. and haven't got a response from CBDFX yet..

  3. Thank you so much for your informative video! My main issue was unscrewing the mouth piece! I finally pushed down & turned at the same time & it came off easily! I felt funny asking because no one else asked this question 😂! Also, had trouble at first to turn it on ,but once I accomplished that my battery light was BLUE, the second it turned on. I plugged it in & it blinked, blue 20 times! It worked perfectly for over 7 hours & then the light turned RED. I loved your video. You gave me so much additional information that the directions included did not explain. I just became a regular, monthly, customer with CBDFX. I hope you are on the companies payroll. Thank you again!

  4. So I've got the vape, just charged it for four hours. Whenever I plug it in, blue light flashes 20 times to indicate a full charge. I unplug it and try to use it, red light blinks 15 times saying it needs to be charged. Any ideas?

  5. Think mine is duff. Charged it till the blue light blinked 20 times. Set it up as you said in this vid, pressed the button five times, a light came up (looked more purple then red or blue. It lights up blue when I hold the button) but absolutely no vape is coming out of it. Bit disappointed tbh :/

  6. Thanks for the video, I will use your coupon and I’m going to order your kit with both flavors I checked them all out before this video and I’m also going to pick up the lemon strawberry disposable wile I’m at it lol.

  7. I received mine today and put it to charge. After charging, tried to turn it on but it just doesn’t. The blue light only appears when I connect it to the charger, flickers for a while and then off again. Am I missing something?

  8. I ordered my kit and it comes Monday in the mail. I love your review you did it excellent ,just a little information I have six batteries I like switching and using all different sizes but I noticed lately I keep getting burnt tasting on my third or fourth puff with all the batteries. I noticed the main feature with this is how it is made to not burn CBD also 1000 MAH battery is magnificent mine are 450 and 650 max how do you like your battery ? I’m excited for Monday thank you for the review I saw yours then purchased it .

  9. I am getting no smoke at all from my vape. got it in the mail today, just took it off the charger, I charged it for four hours. Am I supposed to be holding down the button as I inhale?

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