CBDfx Vape Kit: See Why We Gave This Vape Kit A 99/100 (November 2019)

The all-inclusive CBD Vape Kit provides you with everything you need to start enjoying our high-quality CBD oil as soon as you open the box. With an …


  1. Just recently found your channel, while looking up CBDFX. Love your reviews. I found CBDFx before discovering your channel. So glad I picked a vape that is widely approved of. Loving the Wild Watermelon and Pineapple Express flavors. I’m new to CBD vape(for extreme daily migraines) and happy with CBDFx products. Eventually will try the other flavors you suggest.

    Your review did steer me in the right direction for this vape kit. It just arrived and I like it very much. I needed a second vaporizer, to have two in convenient locations. For CBD vape, I much prefer this to my Wolf Duo.

    PS. Your videos are a joy to watch as you know the products, are well spoken and give honest reviews. You have a new follower ?

  2. I thought my kit wasn’t working until you pointed out that you need to press the button in order for it to work… ??‍♀️
    I purchased this along with hemp bomb oil (I got the sugar cookie flavor!!) because I felt like I needed something to calm me down when I’m stressed or anxious.
    I’m also trying to stay away from anything containing nicotine

  3. At what temperature does it burn and is there a way I can confirm this for myself online? This just looks like a fancier more expensive battery tbh.

  4. I bought this Vape kit and was very unsatisfied at first. When I took a pull, it would make me cough as the vapors just seemed to come in too fast. I tried a different brand CBD oil just to see if that would make a difference. When I filled a new cartridge, a noticed that there were vent holes on the cartridge and you could adjust it from 3 holes to no holes. After adjusting this the pulls were much more enjoyable and this is now my favorite vape kit. No review that I've seen mentioned the vent holes on the cartridge.

  5. Hi I just got mine and put it on charge. It lit blue for a few secs and then the light turned off. Is it still charging if the light is off? When I turned it on and pressed down it didn’t make the sound like yours either…

  6. Ive had vapes for a couple years now and Im trying to digure out why when I have it on and ready, it doesnt sound like it's burning. I even sent it back to the company and had them test it. They claimed it wasnt defective but I dont get what Im doing wrong. I have the magnetic pieve on correctly, i press the button rapidly, i take all protective pieces off, and it is fully charged. It still doesnt work. It sucks cuz i cant get my money back for it and it was a little spendy (for me and my situation).

  7. I have a question, yes it may be stupid but oh well. I just started vaping (started with nicotine juice ) I've now switched to cbd oil. I received cbdfx pineapple Express. I put the cbd oil in the same cartridge I used to put my nicotine juice in.. I can't seem to get much flavor now from the cbd.. is it because I used it for my nicotine juice first??????

  8. To anyone having problems with the kit. I thought I was having the same issues as you, luckily I worked it out without wasting too much time.

    1. It doesn't need to be charged over-night, just view the device. If you plug it in to charge and the light is blue, it is mostly charged if it flashes blue 20x and the light goes off, it's fully charged. If the device light is red, it's a low battery and needs more charge.

    2. Yes, the second magnetic screw you get is a spare, don't try placing it in the device, just keep it as a spare back up.

    3. This is the part that they don't state clearly enough and where I think most problems lay… to turn the device on and off it tells you to press the button 5 times but doesn't stress how quickly you have to press the buttons. You have to hit the button 5 times RAPIDLY, like your on an arcade machine aiming for a new high score. The light flashes PURPLE a few times and that's how you know it's turning on or off. When the device is on the light flashes blue when you press the button. To turn the device off simply RAPIDLY press the button it 5 times the purple flashes again and the device is off.

    Hope this helps someone out and they don't waste time as I did.

    All the best and I hope your CBD cures all the problems you need it too.


  9. I'm new to vaping.. I just bought one of these and I'm looking forward to trying it out but I was wondering do any parts of this vape require replacing periodically? I notice it comes with 2 magnetic connectors? And I've heard people talking about replacing coils on other vapes.

  10. Hey just wanted to give you an update. I had to go in and exchange the cartridge because I got a lemon idk? Anyways it is working fine now also my only complaint is the fill line is wrong if you put the cartridge in after you fill it it spills over. Otherwise it has been working for me. I might try some other flavors and see what I like. I got the non terpene but as you said it doesn't have alot of flavor so I might try one with. Thanks again.

  11. I hate to bother you but I'm so frustrated.I am having issues with this & its so simple.

    1.Charged for over 5 hours.
    2.filled the cartridge
    3.my screw I put on cartridge tight but somehow its at bottom of mod?I can not get it out so I just drop the cartridge in and tighten it.

    4.what is other screw for? backup?
    5.the light shines blue.I press 5 times quickly as said…then hold down but no light OR SOUND…nothing?I try again.
    how can u tell if ur turning on? i assume its obvious bcz its on or off.

    6.AS I press 5 times light shines blue
    7.only other thing I've found is sometimes if I press button 6 times light flashes fast red/blue

    oof.so simple & i'm confused. I know I am gonna try to call tomm
    but hoping you might be like "oh ok i know whats wrong" lol sorry f r u s t r a t e d.

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