Chronic pain patients, Kratom, legal hemp vaping flowers, CBD 420

In this video, I share with chronic pain patients natural remedies that work!


  1. I tried red bali barely 1/8 tsp and i had pain relief for 1 hour but i felt weird nauseated heart racing and heavy in my heAd i hVe genetic defects so i dont methylate toxins i dont know what to do so much pain i have green malay and red maeng da samples to try also im going to small fiber neuropathy expert Asap also thanks jackie!

  2. Hi jackie my. Neuropathy is so horrible i dont know how to make the switch from oxycodone to kratom because i can only go about 5 hours plus im on paxil and is that ok with kratom? Like if the strain doesnt help can i take an oxy as long as i try the kratom in the morning? Every kratom video talks about getting off opiates but no one talks about the pain!!!! Please any advice on how to switch over? Thank you so so much!!!!

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