Concentrates & Dab Guide 101 – TheHiCulture

The ultimate guide on dabbing and getting the most from your cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts. Everything from types of concentrates, to the material of …


  1. Very informative, thank you! I'm fairly new to concentrates and this video will go a long way in how I go forward. I live in Florida so we are behind when it comes to medical bud. I have been using the Puffco Peak and The G-Pen Connect for the last month as my introductory weapons of choice for concentrates. I've tried Crumble, Shatter, Co2, RSO, Rosin but no live Resin yet. Haven't been able to find any. Since my G-Pen Connect requires a rig, I purchased the High Times kit, which comes with everything you need to get started with conventional dabbing, which I had never done til then. It was a great experience. Although I bought the other two devices to make dabbing easier, I enjoyed having this option. Do you prefer using the E-nail over the torch? Do you prefer 1 E-nail over another? Also, in a previous video, you used a tool that dabbed on one end and read the temp of the banger on the other. What was the name of that, if you don't mind. Sorry, didn't mean to get carried away with this comment, lol. Looking forward to going through more of you vids and seeing newer ones, now that I subbed you. Cheers!!!

  2. this is like the Professer on Gilliagins island of stoners i'm a 30 year + smoker but I tip my hat to you got a new enail ciol setup with new bong n some I think would be butter thanks for the info {yes spelling sucks fuck it i'm stoned}

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