Confusion grows over legal use of hemp in Tennessee

Police in Tennessee are having to differentiate between hemp and marijuana more and more often while on calls. That recognition could mean the difference …


  1. Cops are like little babies when it comes to stuff like this. Get updated equipment. If you don't have that equipment, you have no business trying to arrest people. Stop coming up with clever names for stings and learn what you're dealing with out here

  2. I hope the new farm bill that got passed will clear things up. It’s completely legal now but it’s kind of touchy when it comes to cops stopping you and work related drug tests, the low amount of thc (.3) can accumulate and make you fail a drug test, sadly

  3. bill hicks: how do you make nature against the law? isnt that like saying god made a mistake? like he looked down on his creation after 7 days and thought OH MY ME!!! i left POT everywhere… that might give humans the impression they're supposed to USE it… now i have to create republicans…. and god wept 🙁

  4. Lol they didn't mention that sail-making canvas is short for cannabis….hemp has oil. textiles. rope.fine cloth.paper and even biodegradable plastic shopping bags. and over 25,000 other uses….and how they make this stuff is a very clean process…….so you can see what an impact on Big Pharma Big Oil & Big timber in just a few years……on the medical side in Washington State big pharma lost 25% of sales on pain opioids due to the legalization of marijuana…..

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