Congress preparing a key bill for cannabis that could be industry's next catalyst

Will pot get a political boost from Congress? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.


  1. Today is the day, 4-20 where we celebrate marijuana because law enforcement would.and still is charging people with a code 420 in order to imprison and find them for using Satan's grass which is ruining the fabric of America and undermining the Gentry class of Fox news and the Christian God Jesus. Government and law enforcement the warriors of Truth and justice once again winning hearts and minds and then wondering why people hate them.

  2. congrats! the bill passed the senate vote today. now time for the next side's vote. once it's passed, CBD will become legal. the company CBDD will boom and other CBD/hemp companies will boom within the nasdaq.

  3. I prefer the 15% natural stuff to the GMO 30%+ shit. Bottom line: Monsanto IS evil. They are responsible for thousands of suicides. GMO was a big lie and noone wants it if they care about their actual HEALTH. In general, GMO=unhealthy. Instead of modifying plants to increase nutrition or something, they modify them to PRODUCE PESTICIDES and to NOT GERMINATE. This goes for weed and vegetables. GMO is dangerous and already causes health problems for a lot of people under the false claim that it will solve food scarcity. It's making food scarcity worse because GMO is POISON! It's funny they will say I am anti-science or something. Nothing is further from the truth. I base my certainty on mathematics which is the only thing that can inform science. Pot stock already seems way overpriced. I was considering shorting it but I need etrade or something to trade on TSE and I'm too lazy to do it now.

  4. Cramer constantly says if any of these companies it is CGC. Yet this guy picked all but two one of which is CGC. But what he forgets is CGC is cash rich so it can buy some great upstart, and with a credit tightening and crazy evaluations CGC seems to me like a safer bet.

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