Dank Vapes review (2019)??REAL vs FAKE?

THIS VIDEO IS NOT INTENDED FOR VIEWERS UNDER THE AGE OF 21….medical cannabis use only.. Hope you found this video helpful. Thanks for tuning in, …


  1. Short answer-dank vapes have been found to have 50% more of the permitted levels of chemicals in their brands of Thc vape liquids,hydrogen cyanide! The advice from cdc is to stay away from illicit vape liquids and even branded vapes like dank. Hell just don't fkn vape at all,all this shit is bad for your lungs.

  2. Pretty simple, if it's not from a legal dispensary, don't waste your time setting yourself up for serious health issues. You all see what's on the TV concerning these "black market" carts especially those with that same sorry name called "DANKS."
    Don't heed the warning I wrote, expect to be having some serious health conditions like shortness of breath, trouble swallowing, fever-like flu symptoms, body rashes, a buzz that seems to be stranger than just the THC buzz lasting for an extremely long period of time, Foul or harsh taste with added flavoring to throw you off, and many more.

    I 've seen too many come in the emergency rooms complaining of these symptoms listed above. The black market garbage will seriously endanger your health if not damn near or kill you.

    You've been forewarned about the "fake" carts of THC and anything they can "cut" it with that when heated turns into a carcinogenic poison.

    Go be dumb after being warned and get you some!

  3. Your videos are WACK.. u just another follower that listens to what everyone else says. If u was a real man you would independently look into shit instead of passing on “what someone told me” ol bitch ass nigga

  4. The reason there is a gap is because the person who is selling you them is buying them online empty and filling them and putting the cap on, but the dumbass didnt put it on all the way

  5. Dank vapes are all fake. They sell empty boxes and carts to whoever is willing to buy them and fill them up. Clear o ring vs white dark oil vs light none of it matters. Theyre all filled by clandestine "labs" who fill them with oil and sell them. REAL vape cartidges go for like 50 a gram in dispensaries so when youre paying 20-25 for a cart you can bet your ass its just a black market vape cartidge.

  6. Good video bro. Try 31 flavors if you can get your hands on them. Chocolate mousse brother that’s where it’s at. Oreo is pretty good as well. Got a Mousse review up on the channel. Subbed as well

  7. They have new boxes now. And technically all dank vapes are bootlegged. They might have good product in it, but it isnt regulated tested or even sold in dispensaries. This is trim from legal grows thats sold to this company to make extract. And the reason it's more liquid is how they source their wax. If they are just breaking down shatter they are using PEG. And if they are using low quality trim they will add flavor and that will make it more liquidy. I have 2 dank carts right now l.a. confidential and, purple punch.

  8. Tren Ace
    Had me rolling by the 45 second mark. Wow! You should not be talking shop on a public forum cuz.
    This guy likes thin “liquid” in his carts. I prefer thick oil in a cartridge but hey, to each their own. Maybe just turn mic off next time or something….
    Did anyone make it to a minute?

  9. If you get it in the street it's probably at least diluted….that's just how it goes….maybe not Everytime but pretty much. If you want to make sure it's real buy it from a dispensary…but it will cost you more $. You get what you pay for.

  10. And omg that bubble tells you how fake and mixed that is. Probably .3 wax at most. The rest a wax thinner is used that has pg in it. Quit with the fake info. You have fake shit

  11. Yall do fucking know the more thc in it the more the liquid dont move right and that's means if its 90%thc which who knows wtf is in that cart well then the liquid would not move at all but honestly it dont move for shit which means it's probably fake asf ?

  12. There's this legit guy whose IG account got deleted at 3k followers. I order from him weekly, he's in Sacramento CA. He's got real carts and you can reach him on WhatsApp +1(862)227-1886

  13. I don't understand why PEOPLE make these videos and say if your under the age of 18 get off this world is @LL fucked up don't get me wrong I Love Weed but you don't see me making videos of liquid THC jackass ?%

  14. Dude real oil isn’t suppose to move runny, that’s when you know it was made with shitty stuff. Plus all the pens on the streets aren’t more than 60% thc. Don’t believe the box.

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