DIY – BHO Shatter Butane BLASTING – Cannabis Wax – Marijuana Concentrates Honey Oil Butter Crumble

This is a quick video on how I make my BHO Shatter using trim and/or flower. TIPS: -PVC is NOT recommended (Breaks down after a while) use food grade …


  1. So after you were done you said you re-heat it a bit so it is easier to remove from the parchment paper, how do you re-heat it safely, is a microwave o.k.? And what type of tool are you using to scrape it off the paper? plastic or metal?

  2. your not releasing the butane you letting air back into the system, hence the air filter. You don't want dirty air contaminants coming back in the system. 8:10 Also check out what types of chemicals other than thc butane is able to breakdown, you'll be very dissipated i can assure you. HINT it has something to do with that white tube you used and that  silicone impregnated paper.

  3. you're fine dude don't listen to all dem Hippy folk. Try shooting it directly into a lg. bowl of water. Yes water! you can skip the whole evap. step. remember water and oil don't mix. take a spoon and skim off the oil, it works great!!! much safer too.

  4. Every fucking comment is someone who knows better than the next guy how to do it. Fuck yourself, fuck dabs, fuck bandwagon pot heads, fuck ovrr priced legal bud and fuck anyone on here saying anything other than for this guy to do his thing how HE wants, he aint telling anyone to copy him and im sure he dont care about your $10000 closed loop ethanol recovery system with dry ice and co2. Real smokers been doing this loooooong before you lab tested only cunts came along

  5. As soon as I seen that you were using a open blast I stop the video
    Will not touch that
    Get you a closed loop and get rid of that Mystery Oil
    you're looking about $600

  6. If you are a little more patient and severely opposed to heating up liquid butane on a stove, you can just set it outside for a few hours, the butane will evaporate fine without a heat source. Heat is not the only risk. Static electricity is just as dangerous, one little spark will ruin your day, and your extract. Use a ground bracelet like computer techs do (wrist or ankle).

  7. For new growers that don't have a BHO purging setup, but still want to effectively use their trim: kief it. There are so many crystals on that trim, you just need to get them off. The cheapest and easiest way to get them off for personal use would be to fill a jar about halfway with trim, close the lid, and shake the jar. The crystals will stick to the jar. Dump out the leaf, tap the jar to get the excess plant material off, then stick your hand in the jar and use your finger to scrape out the kief. There will be a good bit. Keep doing that until you're not getting much kief and start getting more plant material. Then use those leaves for cannabutter. If you are looking to spend some money just not enough to buy a purge, then go buy some bubble bags and dry ice, then make dry ice hash, and use the leftover leaves for cannabutter. Do not throw away big fan leaves. Yes, even on huge fan leaves there are trichomes. Not much, but enough to make them worth keeping.

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