Do Florida Medical Marijuana products get you high? Top 5 Questions Answered

Know your rights, responsibilities, less, and everything else you need to know about being a medical cannabis patient here in Florida. Our most popular …


  1. Love the video all input I good input. it's a simple answer to a simple question everybody knows what we want out of weed. Will it get me "" buzzed , lit, high, stoned!? Yes ?no?
    What dosage do i needed to have the same effect as one drag on a joint? Everyone is so scared to speak straight forward.
    This is what I found from experience. Dr will set your dosage and quantities. unless your dying the doc will most likely give you weak bunk. I suggest get your weed on the street. FL med dope is weak as Hell! The price to get high is triple the street value. Get your cards and buy a very small amount then go see Tyrone on the corner behind circle k and get the real stuff for half price. Florida is a rippp with a capital P the fck off!! In fact just don't live in Florida PERIOD. it's a state full of retards drinking the water runoff of the yanks. You know shite rolls down hill and Florida Folks drink it up. Plus I seen how these people arrogate and treat there waste.. it's not good. Sum up. Med weed or oil is pure💩
    Home grown just add water is better by far. Because Florida is a corrupt state they will never allow the patient his rights to grow his or her's own. That would hurt the sells tax.

  2. Be patient, this all takes time. Just be thankful, if, you are young you will see all these archaic laws go away. Let me grow my own. Then if people want to go get all the vaps, oil's and all the unnatural crap they can do it also.

  3. Question I have no found an answer for. I have appointment tomorrow and do not want to waste my time. I have a misdemeanor and felony charge for posession of Marijuana. Never been convicted, never did prison time or anything. Can i still get it? Physician diagnosed me with anxiety and depression. I used it all this time to help me with my medical issues… Cops will be Cops smh.

  4. I’m 18 and have IBS sometime I can’t eat because of the stabbing pain I normally have to force myself to eat because I’ll start shaking and getting dizzy I also can’t sleep at night because of the pain and I feel bad for my family because I will start to get angry and frustrated from a lack of sleep and pain. My doctor has given me a number of pills but NOTHING.
    DO I QUALIFY? Please help:(

  5. You said yourselves that it's federally illegal. How then, as intelligent people and one of you being a DOCTOR, can you willfully call it a PRESCRIPTION?! It's a recommendation, not a prescription. I feel terrible for any and all of your patients.

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