1. This is so funny and true. I went to a CBD store and the sales girl regurgitated everything she was told about the cure all including it will regulate body fat while I’m looking at her extra 40lbs she was carrying and told her that was complete BULLSH.. I said exactly what does that mean? She looked at me like a deer staring into headlights.

  2. This is the one time ONLY that I have to disagree. CBD oil from cannabinoid (NOT from HEMP) does have small minute traces of THC. You'd have to take more than 1600mg of it to give a false positive result. THAT being said, as with everyone, there is no blanket cure. Everyone is different.
    My husband was having SEVERE acute panic attacks. (So random they couldn't be called chronic) if we caught the triggers early, his Xanax would work. We tried all sorts of other relaxation methods to try to prevent them. Once it hit, though, it was BAD! He had zero belief CBD oil would help him. During a really bad episode, I begged him to try a dropper full. (250mg). Within minutes MINUTES it was over! The next day, he said that was the best sleep he's gotten in months too! (Me too because I was seriously thinking I was going to have to take a frying pan to his head!) He doesn't have to use it daily. So a bottle might last us a couple of months. But it worked! I should also mention that he's sensitive to narcotics. I cut a 5mg Norco in half and he reacts as if I gave him a blunt. So there's that…

  3. lol Yeah, I use CBD oil for pain… and wine. People think it's a miracle cure, it's not. I take it because I can't take stronger pain pills other than otc shit. -_- I'm able to walk though so that's a plus.

  4. But the FDA has approved CBD for treating certain kinds of epilepsy? I'm on your side with quack home remedies being dangerous, and I agree that the general notion that CBD oil cures everything is harmful, but this video misses the mark for me. There seems to be legitimate, evidenced based use for CBD. Not the end all be all people want it to be, but maybe let's not throw the baby out with the bath water?

  5. One patient tried CBD oil with chronic pain. His pain doctor saw he is + with THC so they stopped giving him his opioids and he is stuck now with his CBD oil that doesn't work!

  6. I was shamed by a parent at my daughter’s camp for giving her melatonin at night when she can’t sleep. She told me that melatonin is “toxic” and that I should give her CBD oil instead. SMH.

  7. CBD, by itself, is not effective for the vast majority. But CBD with a little added THC is a completely different kettle of fish. Its the THC that makes CBD such an effective medicine. The idea that THC is the addiction and CBD is the medicine is either ignorance, or marketing to avoid backlash. Our psychiatric research into cannabis addiction is pretty much nonsense. The quality of research in addiction science is very similar to that supporting our 1900’s eugenics philosophies.

    Phyto-cannabinoids as medicine is best understood from the pov of the endocannabinoid system rather than the over-simplified addiction model. In the US, we are trying to merge good science with bad. So of course we have folks thinking CBD is a miracle drug.

  8. I agree. I've tried multiple strengths and multiple Brands and it didn't do anything for my chronic pain. However, I believe it is a great placebo oil for chronic pain. Use it if it works.

  9. It does help with inflammation. Take it for a couple days and then get really drunk one night. The next day you'll wake up with a dizzy head from the hangover, but your stomach will be completely fine. Beyond that, I do sleep about as well as I do with melatonin, but without the hangover.

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