Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia?

The evidence linking cannabis use to psychotic disorders is considered strong enough to warrant a public health warning. Get the preface for Dr. Greger’s …


  1. You say there is a gene that kids can get that increasese the chances of them smoking pot. You then say that these kids have a hugher rate if schiz. You then say it supports cause and effect in dev of schiz…. but from this video, there is clearly no evidence to support that. It could simply be that the same gene makes the kids more susceptible to schiz, and it has nothing to do w pot…. pls can you explain? Many thx.

  2. I was diagnosed with a mental disorder after being hospitalized twice, a year apart. Schizoeffective disorder. Both times I was smoking marijuana prior to psychosis and it may have been a contributing factor. After being released from the hospital I smoked some and immediately felt paranoid and started having delusions to the point I left a movie at theatre early thinking the story was about me in some way. So I quit smoking and symptoms subsided.

    However, roughly a year after my last psychosis I went back to smoking weed and didn't experience the negative symptoms. Only when I smoked it close to my psychosis.did it seem to retrigger it. I smoked marijuana for a year with no issues and possibly the shot I get every three months helped.

    Based on my experience I would avoid heavy marijuana use, like multiple times per day, month on end. Once a week probably not so bad but anything in excess could be bad for you. I have stopped smoking weed and don't see myself going back.

  3. My brother has schizophrenia despite him not accepting that.
    I like him when he smokes because he is chill and maybe we can watch a movie or something.
    When he is not smoking i spend my whole evening with him trying to keep him calm about world takeover conspiracies and the demons that are after him, all while listening to how stupid i am for not agreeing and seeing "the truth".

    I always have weed now if i am meeting him, for my own sanity.

  4. Yes, Marijuana causes Psychosis in some susceptible people in the population

    I don't partake because it removes all Empathy, that I may have, for other humans, and I start to wonder what their

    facial expressions look like when I introduce a claw hammer to their brains

    Not a normal thought ………….so i don't partake ! So I am one such susceptible person, from a personal vantage point

  5. ADHD is the most dangerous of Mental Disorders, because you look Normal, but are unable to think rationally, see Donald J Trump

    Although cognitively damaged, others will allow you to ascend to positions of power and authority over millions

    You discount the prospective future outcomes to have Zero value, so you use Nukes on your enemies, and start WW3; your
    main concern being whats for Diner
    Among other things !

    Schizophrenia is the most damaging Mental disorder on an Individual level, but you have little ability to cause the deaths of

    many more people, because nobody lets you get entitled to any power as your seen as "crazy" !

  6. Several things can be true at the same time.
    You should be legally allowed to use drugs, but you shouldn't actually use drugs.
    Cannabis could contribute to schizophrenia, but schizophrenia rates could be declining as Cannabis use increases, because there are other potentially contributing factors that explain why schizophrenia rates are decreasing.

  7. You can’t become “addicted “ to cannabis. It’s not possible to be physiologically addicted to it. So that last statement is completely false and this whole video is filled with contradictions. The more likely problem is Dr’s and big pharma want to put young kids on drugs because they can’t sit still in class. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years. Not just since the 60’s. Lol.

  8. I think I’m going crazy. I’ve been having auditory hallucinations and I keep walking to places for no apparent reason. Idk if I just forget what I’m going for or what but I’m going crazy. Maybe I should quit smoking lol.

  9. Didnt talk about have grower spray (not fit for human consumption florist grade pesticides on the crops) due to non regulated farming practices aka illegality of it

    And also the fact that smokers often do end up calorie restricting that can break the mind and add extra stress leading to or setting off schizophrenia

    White rice, durum pasta and table sugar for vegans who are failing at getting calories ya nut munching oil guzzlers ;P xox

  10. I don't think pot causes Schizophrenia, i think it awakens suppressed memories, and the scarier those memories are the higher the risk of psychosis. I think legalising this drug is a very bad idea for that reason, who would know if they had suppressed memories until it's too late?
    I heard an interview once with an ex freemason who revealed that one of the strict rules of being in any secret society was that they were never to smoke pot because it breaks down the walls between their secret life and there everyday life making it impossible to keep the two separate. being an ex smoker myself i can attest that this is true and its what causes paranoia. Paranoia arose when all my separate worlds became one, i no longer knew how to act around the people i was with and i believed they could tell i was a fraud. Now with THC levels increasing dramatically and CBD levels falling this will only increase this effect in people i believe.

    its a very dangerous drug and should never be smoked unless you have a clear understanding of how the world works and your place in it.

  11. Try to go for high cbd strains.
    Also if you are looking to use MJ as a drug take a shamanic approach and set an intention to heal or whatever you need. It will change your high, they may not all be chill because youre asking for the shadow and repressed emotions and feelongs to come forth so just be aware.

  12. I've smoked pot every day for 40 years.. I have a great career, great life… Dr Greger, I usually love your stuff, but youre out to lunch on this subject… some of your videos seems like they are straight out of a Reefer Madness trailer… selective research youre reading on this one…

  13. All the people who claim weed is "safe" really need to stop and look at the science. A doubling of psychosis is huge. There aren't many substances that can double your risk, so why not take this seriously?

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